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Family Consults

Sound Beginnings offers professional and compassionate guidance covering a variety of parenting topics.

Whether you’d like to master a baby carrier, connect with your baby’s cues, learn about cloth diapering, begin offering solid foods, or potty train, our team of experts will come to you!

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Gentle Sleep Consulting

Maximize your family’s well-being with a gentle sleep consultation that takes into account your unique needs, your baby’s biology, and your goals.

  • Comprehensive intake review
  • In-depth consultation sessions
  • Written sleep plan to lay it all out
  • Follow-up to make sure you’re on track
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For everything from bonding to hands-free practicalities, babywearing is an amazing tool to have in your parenting toolbox.

  • Office or in-home consultation
  • Personalized support for selecting a carrier
  • Safe use demo and guided practice for 1-2 carriers
  • Available at a discounted rate as an add-on to other services

Seattle Holistic Parenting connecting with baby

Holistic Parenting

In these personalized sessions you are given the opportunity to reflect and learn about the aspects of parenting that are the most important to you in order to increase your confidence and connection with your baby.

  • Your baby’s cues and how to respond
  • Mindful parenting to slow down and connect
  • Establishing routines and embracing practicalities, including sleep and self-care

Seattle Cloth Diapering how to class

Cloth Diapering

This insightful and hands-on consultation will help you determine the best method for cloth diapering your little one.

  • Cloth diaper options—from prefolds to All-in-Ones and everything in between
  • Using, washing, and storing
  • Tips and tricks for success

Seattle Potty Training and Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication & Gentle Potty Training

The heart of elimination communication and gentle potty training is connecting with your child. Guidance and support is provided by a Go Diaper Free Certified Coach who will guide you toward learning your little one’s cues and supporting their elimination, whether part-time or full-time, from birth or at any age.

  • Expectations and realities of E.C. from birth to potty independence
  • Supplies and set-up (potties and other E.C. paraphernalia)
  • Tips and tricks for success

Seattle Starting Solids Happy Baby with spoon

Starting Solids

This evidence-based and culturally-relevant consultation will help you determine the best time-frame, method, and foods to introduce to your little one.

  • Plan for a fun and easy transition to eating
  • Developmental signs of readiness
  • Discuss philosophies including purée and “Baby Led Weaning”
  • Safety, allergies, and other considerations
  • Suitable for all families, including vegan, vegetarian, and omnivores, breastfeeding, and/or formula feeding, and those who have already started solids but are interested in learning more.

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