Gentle and Holistic Sleep Coaching

Joy MacTavish is a gentle sleep, parenting, and lactation consultant (IBCLC) who offers two types of support for family sleep based on your child's age.

For expecting and newborn families, the Ebb + Flow Newborn Sleep Method supports and guides attachment parents in learning how to consistently get 3-hour sleep stretches by the time your baby is 12-weeks-old without sacrificing your attachment parenting ideals so that you can feel rested and connected.

For babies 4-months and older, a Sound Beginnings Gentle Sleep package provides holistic support based on biological and anthropological understandings of sleep, the feeding relationship, and parental bonds to address sleep challenges and get everyone in your family more rest.

Gentle Sleep Consulting

Sound Beginnings offers gentle sleep consulting based on the Sleep Savvy approach, which uses biological and anthropological understandings of sleep, the feeding relationship, and parental bonds.

Joy MacTavish, Sound Beginnings owner and lead sleep consultant, is a Sleep Savvy Certified Gentle Sleep Educator & Consultant.

You Want More Sleep. I Can Help.

Sound Beginnings gentle and holistic sleep coaching doesn't just offer a prescriptive list of sleep related steps that feel at odds with your parenting values. Instead, we will look closely at what's working and what you want to change. I will guide you in assessing and addressing the underlying factors that are impacting sleep and how to optimize those for your baby and your entire family. You'll get an actionable list of specific steps to take — as soon as that very night — and continued support while you see the changes your family needs to feel rested while remaining connected.

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How it Works

All Sound Beginnings gentle sleep coaching begins when you complete an online intake form to reflect upon and share your current routines, challenges, and goals. We'll review your information during our first session and then delve right into specific strategies for your family to get more sleep. Because sleep is a vital part of your family's system, we'll do a holistic assessment that includes nutrition, napping, awake times, bedtime routine, night wakings, sleep associations, and more. Through this process I'll support you with a gentle, holistic, individualized, and actionable sleep plan that will get your family more sleep.

  • Ebb + Flow Newborn Sleep Method

    Ebb + Flow Newborn Sleep Method includes weekly one-on-one consulting and education with an attachment and holistic approach that attends to lactation/infant feeding, babywearing, mental health, mindfulness, and the family’s “ecosystem” (parental needs, support systems, environment, sleep hygiene, etc) to maximize sleep for the entire family during the newborn season. - $995

  • Sound Beginnings Comprehensive Sleep Support Package

    Our most complete option, the Sound Beginnings Comprehensive Sleep Support Package begins with a virtual session where you’ll walk away with a personalized and specific gentle sleep plan you can implement immediately. Through three follow-up sessions and messaging access between, you’ll have the support you need to fine-tune all aspects of your comprehensive sleep plan - $995

  • Sound Beginnings Gentle Sleep Basic Package

    The Sound Beginnings Gentle Sleep Basic Package begins with a virtual session where you’ll receive a gentle sleep plan you can implement right away. You'll then have one follow-up session and a week of messaging as you implement sleep related changes - $500

  • Follow-up and Check-in Sessions

    Follow-up virtual sleep sessions (~45 minutes) and check-ins (~20 minutes) are exclusively available to established clients and are a great opportunity for sharing updates and fine-tuning your gentle sleep plan.


Who is Sound Beginnings gentle and holistic sleep coaching right for?

  • Families who want an individualize plan for more sleep for their little ones and themselves
  • Families who are committed to a parent-present method (no crying-it-out alone)
  • Families of all types including those with 1 or 2+ parents and with other overnight caregivers
  • Families who breastfeed/chestfeed/bodyfeed, formula feed, and/or combination feed (coaching includes assessment of nutritional intake as it relates to sleep patterns)
  • Families who desire non-judgmental support of their parenting philosophies and decision-making

Who is Sound Beginnings gentle and holistic sleep coaching not right for?

  • Families who would prefer a standardized “sleep training” plan
  • Families who want a sleep professional to come in and “sleep train” their baby for them
  • Families who want their baby/child to sleep for a set amount of hours by a set date/age (i.e. 12-hours by a certain age)
  • Families who are not ready to establish gentle boundaries with their child (rest assured, these are very gentle, age-appropriate and often adaptable strategies)

What if this isn't the right fit for us, or we don't see progress?

Our goals are the same: for your family to feel supported and get more sleep. As your gentle sleep consultant I will review your intake prior to your initial session and let you know if any additional information or clarification is need. The first 10-15 minutes of an initial session will be devoted to discussing your goals and the principles of the Sleep Savvy method which is a parent present method based on physiologic sleep, nutritional assessment, and all parents/caregivers consistently incorporating strategies to the best of their abilities. If after that first 15 minutes either side feels this is not a good fit for your family at this time, you will be offered to transfer the value to different services or provided a refund. Once you proceed with the session and a sleep plan is created, you will be given an opportunity to share any questions/concerns/challenges that you are facing so that we can clarify and further tailor your plan to your family's needs. Progress can be measured in many ways. If you are implementing all aspects of the plan and your child is not sleeping better we will discuss steps that may need to be taken before continuation of the sleep plan. You will never be left without strategies, resources, and support. 

A note on age range: Sound Beginnings offers foundational sleep education and guidance for families with babies between 0-4 months old via the Ebb + Flow Newborn Sleep Method. After 6 months we can begin more parent-directed, but still gentle and responsive, sleep modifications through a personalized plan. Families with children older than about 3-years-old can still benefit from sleep support and may also be offered referrals for other aspects of parenting. Exceptions to this age range are made on a case-by-case basis, especially for families who have medical considerations including, but not limited to, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). Please inquire about your family’s specific situation and needs.

I look forward to supporting you in finding a path toward more sleep for your baby and your family.