Ebb + Flow Holistic Newborn Program

This comprehensive newborn parent education program is an opportunity to explore:

  • the ways babies seek care and comfort,
  • learn evidence-based ways to respond and connect,
  • and bring more mindfulness and confidence into your day-to-day parenting. 

Whether your baby is still gestating or is already here, this month-long program is designed to support your family. 

You will have the information you need to establish rhythms based on your individual needs and values.

Newborn Care Smiling Mom
Connection with your baby...
and connection with yourself as a parent.

Your month of holistic learning about the newborn period begins on July 1st with access to the member portal. We'll kick off with a live virtual session where you'll learn how to understand and confidently respond to your baby's cues, expectations, and needs for a calm newborn season.

A week later we'll delve into newborn sleep and parental well-being to make sure you're able to plan and implement strategies for caring for your baby and yourself.

Then over the course of the month you'll have the opportunity to combine your knowledge of these practical strategies with personal reflections on your own parenting values. You'll be able to make informed decisions that will allow you to move beyond overwhelm to holistically meet everyone's needs and support your bonding as a new family.

The Ebb + Flow Holistic Newborn Care Program includes five modules:

  • Holistic Newborn Planning
  • Cues, Care, and Connection
  • Newborn Feeding
  • Newborn Sleep
  • Parental Well-being

Live sessions:

  • Saturday, July 3rd, 2-4:30pm PST
  • Saturday, July 10th, 2-4:30pm PST

Two live sessions with time for questions and answers so you'll leave with the knowledge and confidence to connect with your newborn and get off to a sound beginning as a new family.  

Carefully crafted and thoughtfully curated resources including videos, digital downloads, reference sheets, and checklists to extend your learning.

And, because the learning doesn't stop at the end of a class, you'll also receive access to the exclusive Ebb + Flow Holistic Newborn community is included for on-going support.

Newborn Sleeping for Ebb + Flow Class


I am currently offering the Ebb + Flow Holistic Newborn Program on a Pay What You Can model.

I ask for a suggested minimum deposit of $50 to hold your place in the group.  You can pay your full desired amount at the time of registration, or you can wait and make an additional payment (if desired) after the class. Similar class programs of this nature are typically $225-350 or more.

Additionally, I prioritize scholarships for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ families.  If this is you, and the deposit is prohibitive, please be in touch and we will find something that works for us.

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What's Covered

Cues, Care, and Connection

  • Cues - understanding newborn states of being and how your baby shows their needs will increase your confidence in being a responsive parent

  • Care - feeding, elimination and diapering, clothing and temperature regulation, and things to watch for - this segment will cover all the basics to take away the overwhelm

  • Connection - knowing what your newborn is expecting, ways to boost oxytocin, and which practical strategies will support you each day will all lead to greater calm and connection

  • Bonus Topics - the value of establishing rhythms to support sleep and self-care and mindful parenting strategies to slow down and enjoy this period
Newborn Connection Class

Newborn Feeding

  • Fundamentals of Feeding - all the in and outs about frequency and quality infant feeding, including how to know your baby is getting enough milk

  • Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding - the keys to positioning and latching for comfort and success, strategies for getting lactation well established, and when to reach out for support

  • Bottle-feeding - the essential elements to selecting, introducing, and responsively feeding by your baby bottle

  • Bonus Topics - pumping, cleaning, and storing for ease of supplementation and balancing feeding with the rest of the newborn period. The digital download for this class also includes resource rich handouts perfect for referencing and sharing with other caregivers.

Breastfeeding chestfeeding baby sidelying

Newborn Sleep

  • Newborn Sleep Biology - understanding your newborn's biology and sleep patterns will allow you to confidently find your rhythm as a family

  • Your Family's Sleep Ecosystem - considerations for biology, safety, and connection when setting up an environment will optimize sleep for your entire family

  • Rhythm & Connection - establishing good rhythms during the newborn season often comes down to being connected to your baby and yourself, supporting calm, and building circadian rhythms and sleep hygiene for the entire family

  • Bonus Topic - sleep-related products you may want to consider and those you can totally skip (previous class attendees have said this section saved them more than the cost of the class)

Ebb Flow Holistic Newborn Sleep

Holistic Newborn Care

In these personalized sessions you are given the opportunity to reflect and learn about the aspects of parenting that are the most important to you in order to increase your confidence and connection with your baby.

  • Your baby’s cues and how to respond
  • Mindful parenting to slow down and connect
  • Establishing routines and embracing practicalities, including sleep and self-care

Ebb + Flow Holistic
Newborn Program

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