Sound Beginnings Scale Rental Contract and Instructions for Use

By making payment and/or taking possession of a Sound Beginnings neonatal/infant scale, the Renter agrees to pay the rental fees and follow the terms of this contract.

The initial charge will be placed the day you receive the scale. Daily/weekly/monthly rentals will be charged on the same day of the week thereafter. The rental fee includes all taxes.

If requested and agreed upon Renter agrees to pay fees for drop-off or pick-up of the scale. All fees will be invoiced and/or automatically charged to the credit card number provided by Renter on the dates of service. Charges will continue to be incurred until the rental scale is returned. When you are ready to return the scale, please contact Sound Beginnings at or call/text 206-973-0337. Current clients also have the option to send a secure message though the portal.

Renter agrees to the following Terms and Conditions for infant scale rental:

  • To handle the scale with the utmost care and pay Sound Beginnings the current list price for damaged and/or missing parts. Renter assumes full liability for repair or replacement costs if the scale is damaged by misuse, neglect, or accident.
  • To return the scale in the same condition as received. Renter agrees to pay a cleaning fee if the scale is soiled when returned.
  • To immediately inform Sound Beginnings of any changes to personal information, such as change of residence or phone numbers.
  • To immediately inform Sound Beginnings of any changes to the credit card account used to secure this agreement, and to provide a new credit card account if the original account is cancelled or denies Sound Beginnings’ charge for any reason.
  • Renter has no right, title, or interest in the scale, except set forth in this agreement.
  • The infant scale will remain the property Sound Beginnings.
  • Renter accepts full responsibility for the proper use and return of the scale, its case, and all of its contents and accessories.
  • Renter will return the infant scale to Sound Beginnings, or will arrange for Sound Beginnings to pick up the scale for an additional fee to be determined by Sound Beginnings based on Renter’s location.

  • If the scale and any/all accessories are not returned to Sound Beginnings in good condition, or if there are any problems or missing parts, Renter must contact Sound Beginnings within 24 hours of return of the scale.
  • Renter agrees to pay all fees, including collection and court costs, if Renter breaches this agreement, Renter fails to return the scale as set forth herein, or if Renter fails to pay the contract in full.
  • Renter understands that weekly rental fees are not pro-rated. This is a contract for week-to-week rental with no refunds given for early return.
  • If Renter fails to return the scale, Sound Beginnings will charge renter for the current suggested retail price for a replacement scale: $900 for the higher accuracy neonatal scale and $75 for the basic infant scale.


During the rental period, Sound Beginnings warrants only that the rented baby scale will perform to standard specifications. Sound Beginnings will replace the scale or refund charges for any unit that fails during the rental period, in Sound Beginnings’ sole discretion.

If you have any concerns, please contact Sound Beginnings immediately at or call/text 206-973-0337.

Scale Instructions

Sound Beginnings Rental Scales are cleaned, tested, and placed into their carry bags (canvas for the neonatal and plastic for the basic) with fresh batteries or an extra set of batteries before and after each rental (yes, we actually clean them twice). If you should find that anything is wrong with your scale, or you have any questions, please contact us immediately at or call/text 206-973-0337.

Batteries should be in good working order, but in the event that all the batteries and back-up batteries do not work, please contact us and we can make arrangements.

Digital copies of the scale manuals:

Tanita and Medela:



Before you use the scale:

  1. Find a flat, stable surface to place the scale. For pre and post-feed / test weights, this is ideally near where you plan to feed the baby.
  2. Make sure the scale is stabilized. If needed you can often slightly adjust the feet by screwing/unscrewing.
  3. Fold and place a small blanket (usually a receiving blanket or thin swaddle) on the scale top folded so that there isn’t any excess blanket hanging off the sides.

Pre and Post-Feed / Test / Transfer Weight:

  1. Have baby ready to go on the scale wearing whatever you plan to nurse them in. If they are wearing a hat, socks, or other accessories take note of those and make sure they are still on the baby when they are returned to the scale.
  2. While the scale may have settings for pre and post feedings, we recommend keeping a written record of weights. You can use a paper or an app for this.
  3. Press the On/Zero button.
  4. For Tanita and Medela you can choose to weigh in metric (grams) or imperial (pounds and ounces) with the button the right side.
  5. Once you’re ready to weigh your baby, make sure the scale is showing zero. If not, press the On/Zero button again.
  6. Gently place your baby on the scale. You can place them on their side or tummy if you find they cry on their back. The scale will show their weight. Most scales make an audible beep when they stop. If your baby is moving a lot this may take a moment. Talk to or shush your baby as needed but try not to touch or it will delay registering or alter the weight.
  7. Feed your baby.
  8. Press On/Zero and place baby back on the scale (with same clothing/items) and note new weight.
  9. Subtract pre-feed weight from post-feed weight.
  10. Contact your IBCLC if you have any questions or concerns about transfer weights.

Naked Weight:

  • Follow the above steps but place a clean diaper on the scale with the blanket.
  • Press On/Zero.
  • Remove the diaper and the scale will now register a negative weight.
  • Place baby wearing only a clean diaper on the scale.
  • Note weight.
  • This is your baby’s “naked weight” without having a naked baby (who will often pee while exposed to air).
  • Contact your IBCLC if you have any questions or concerns about transfer weights.