Gentle and Holistic Sleep Coaching

Hi, I'm Joy MacTavish, a holistic parenting coach specializing in the intersections between feeding, sleep and family well-being. My clients benefit from my expertise as a Certified Holistic Sleep Coach, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and advanced training and a special interests in supporting perinatal mental health, mindfulness, trauma informed care and space holding.

I currently offer on-demand sleep workshops for families with babies 0-36+ months, as well as one-on-one support for family sleep based on your child's age.

For expecting and newborn families, Ebb + Flow Holistic Newborn Coaching is an exclusive, private coaching program for families who want to optimize feeding and sleep, deepen bonding, and create easy daily rhythms without neglecting their own well-being.

For babies over 4-months-old, you can choose the level of support that's right for you!

Whether you start with a mini session, a Holistic Sleep Assessment, or a full Sound Beginnings Coaching package, you'll receive information and guidance that is holistic, evidence-based, grounded in attachment and biology, and focused on specific strategies to support your family's sleep while remaining in alignment with your values and goals.

Gentle Sleep Consulting

Sound Beginnings offers gentle sleep consulting based on the Sleep Savvy approach, which uses biological and anthropological understandings of sleep, the feeding relationship, and parental bonds.

Joy MacTavish, Sound Beginnings owner and lead sleep consultant, is a Sleep Savvy Certified Gentle Sleep Educator & Consultant.

You Want More Sleep. I Can Help.

Sound Beginnings gentle and holistic sleep coaching doesn't just offer a prescriptive list of generic sleep related steps that feel at odds with your parenting values. Instead, we look closely at what's working and what you want to change. Then, I'll guide you in assessing and addressing the underlying factors that are impacting sleep and how to optimize those for your child and your entire family. You'll get an actionable list of specific steps to take — as soon as that very night — and continued support while you see the changes your family needs to feel rested while remaining connected.

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How it Works

Sleep is a vital part of your family's well-being.

If you’re struggling, I want you to know that you’re not alone and that I am here to help you and your little one get the sleep you need. 

In order to make improvements, we need to start with a holistic assessment that includes attention to biological rhythms, nutrition, naps, awake times, bedtime routine, night wakings, sleep associations, and more.

Your Sound Beginnings gentle, holistic sleep coaching begins when with a detailed inventory of your family's current sleep and wellness. I'll guide you in reflecting upon and sharing your routines, challenges, and goals. We'll connect and review everything during our initial session, and then delve right into the underlying factors and specific strategies that will help your family get more sleep.

You'll then have on-going support available as you implement the personalized, gentle, and holistic sleep strategies that will get your family more sleep.

  • Mini Sleep Consult

    Do you have a sleep challenge that could benefit from some one-to-one discussion? A mini consult is ideal for triage and guidance on your sleep situation, as well as learning about the biological, developmental, and emotional factors that may be impacting your family’s sleep. Or you can just to get your sleep related questions answered by a Holistic Sleep Coach. - $95

  • Holistic Sleep Assessment

    Gain clarity on your family's current sleep situation and map out realistic and measurable goals based on your child’s age, development, and temperament. Receive personalized guidance for which holistic strategies will gently, but effectively, shift sleep. Common examples include working toward easier sleep on-sets, supporting your child's ability to connect sleep cycles for longer sleep stretches, and optimizing sleep hygiene through environmental and daily routines that promote consistent sleep. -$495

  • Sleep Support Package

    Combine a Holistic Sleep Assessment with some extra support as you implement the steps in your personalized Holistic Sleep Guide and make gentle, lasting changes to your family’s sleep. This package includes enrollment in a recorded sleep workshop based on your little one’s age, a week of messaging support, and a check-in session to ensure your clarity and consistency. - $695

  • Holistic Coaching Package

    For families who know they want one-on-one, comprehensive support, our time working together begins with a Holistic Sleep Assessment. Your personalized and specific sleep road map and clear guidance on the actionable strategies will optimize sleep and well-being for your entire family. Your weekly follow-up sessions are perfect for reassessing and determining your next steps as you fine-tune your daily and nightly rhythms, deepen your connection with your baby and yourself, and create the parenting foundation you desire. And, with exclusive messaging access, you’ll have the support every step of the way. - $1995

  • Ebb + Flow Holistic Newborn Coaching

    Begin your early parenting journey with comprehensive coaching that focus on optimizing your bonding, sleep, and well-being. We’ll assess your rhythms and routines along with lactation / infant feeding, babywearing, mental health, mindfulness, and your family’s “ecosystem.” This isn’t just about sleep, but rather making sure your personal and parental needs, support systems, and environment are all set-up to maximize wellness for your entire family during the newborn season, and beyond. - $995+


How would I know Sound Beginnings gentle and holistic sleep coaching is right for my family?

My support may be right for you if you....

  • want information and guidance with individualized strategies to support more sleep for your little ones and yourself
  • are committed to a parent-present approach (no crying-it-out alone methods here)
  • have engaged parents or caregivers who are wanting to make changes to support sleep and wellness 
  • want to feel supported in your infant feeding - whether breastfeeding/chestfeeding/bodyfeeding, formula feeding, or combination feed. All coaching includes assessment of nutritional intake as it relates to sleep patterns. 
  • desire non-judgmental support of their parenting philosophies and decision-making including bedsharing, full-term nursing, and more! 

How would I know if Sound Beginnings gentle and holistic sleep coaching not right for my family?

My support may not be right for you if you....

  • would prefer a standardized “sleep training” plan and/or strict schedule
  • want a sleep professional to come in and “sleep train” your baby
  • have expectations that your child be able to sleep for a set amount of hours by a set date/age (i.e. 12-hours by a certain age)
  • are not ready to establish gentle boundaries with your child. (Rest assured, any boundaries I suggest incorporating are very gentle, age-appropriate and often adaptable strategies.)

How will we know if this is the right fit for us?

Our goals are the same: for your family to feel supported and get more sleep.

As your gentle, holistic sleep coach I will review your intake prior to your initial session and let you know if any additional information or clarification is need. The first 10-15 minutes of an initial session will be devoted to discussing your goals and the principles of the sleep coaching I offer. 

If, after that first 15 minutes either side feels this is not a good fit for your family at this time, you will be offered to transfer the value to different services or provided a refund. 

What happens next? What does our communication look like?

During your initial session, we'll start by reviewing your family's current questions, concerns, challenges. (You'll share those with me via an online intake to streamline things and maximize our time together.)

We'll get clarity on your goals and then dive right into the specific strategies your family can implement to support your sleep and wellness. 

After your first session, you'll have continued support through messaging and virtual sessions depending on your package. We'll be in touch as you implement new strategies and make changes toward your goals. You'll be able to share updates, ask questions, and get more guidance.

You're also welcome to join my online group where you'll be a part of an engaged community of parents and caregivers who are also navigating life with little ones. Totally optional. Totally worth it!

Can you promise an outcome or a certain amount of progress?

It would be unethical to make promises when there are so many variables in any biological, interactional, and multifaceted process such as sleep.

Progress can be measured in many ways. If you are implementing all the strategies we discussed and your child and family are not sleeping better we will discuss steps that may need to be taken before continuation of the sleep plan. You will never be left without strategies, resources, and support. 

What ages of children do you support?

Sound Beginnings offers education and guidance for families from the pre-baby period through early childhood. I love supporting families with education before their baby arrives, but most of my clients have babies or young children. Between birth and ~4 months old I recommend the foundational support of the Ebb + Flow Holistic Newborn Sleep package.

After 3-4 months babies typically have their own circadian rhythms and there are a wide variety of strategies we can consider depending on your family's needs and goals. 

Families with toddlers and younger children can still benefit from sleep support. Depending on what your specific concerns are for your child and family, we may also be exploring other aspects of parenting and referrals as appropriate.

Please feel free to inquire about your family’s specific situation and needs.

I look forward to supporting you in finding a path toward more sleep for your child and your family.

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