Interview and connection session

LGBTQ+ Parent Research Request

Hi! Are you an LGBTQ+ parent with a baby under a year old?

Would you be willing to share your thoughts about the transition to parenthood including, but not limited to, aspects such as bonding, sleep, co-parenting, identity, and community?

I’m building a new program to support fellow LGBTQ+ families as they get their bearings, build strong attachments with their babies, and intentionally cultivate the lives and communities they so desire.

Your feedback will help me design a better program. This is purely for my own research and won't be shared with anyone. ⁠

⁠Would you be willing to chat with me? ⁠

Within our ~45-minute zoom session, I can also provide practical tips around early parenting. ⁠

Interested? Schedule below!

Questions? Feel free to send me a message or send me an email at